Burlington Campus

We are located in the New North End of Burlington at 21 Dodds Court. Our Burlington Campus was recently relocated to Dodds Court into a newly renovated space! This larger space will feel like you are right at home. We have a beautiful walled in courtyard area where the children can unlock their natural curiosity as they learn to explore in nature. We are have earned 4 STARS by the Vermont Child Development Division.
































Our Team

Amanda is a Connecticut native that migrated to Vermont in 2011 to start her undergraduate degree in Professional Writing at Champlain College. After graduation, Amanda pursued careers in writing but found that she wasn't totally fulfilled. She reflected on what her passions were and found that she really loved her previous jobs where she was working with children. Becoming a step-parent really brought this passion to light for her. She then decided to pursue a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education at Champlain College. Upon graduating with her Masters, Amanda jumped right into the education field. Once Amanda had her daughter in 2020, she found herself looking for high quality childcare. Amanda was excited when she found a home for her daughter and herself at Georgia's Next Generation! We are so excited to have Amanda's passion, energy, and motivation leading our Georgia campus!

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Meet the Pedagogista~ Amanda  

Ped·a·go·gista : (n.) an educational adviser who works with the school, spending the majority of the time in the classroom with the teachers and children, and working also with parents. It is the pedagogist's role to help teachers improve their skills of observing and listening to the children, documenting projects, and supporting the program through a hands-on approach!

At Next Generation, we are a team. The staff is comprised of licensed and certified teachers that come from various backgrounds in the Early Childhood Education field. Next Generation teachers are enrolled in classes to further their education each semester to maintain their credentials and their Early Childhood Education. Next Generation strives to provide better than state recommended staffing ratios each day; thus, teachers are allowed to truly engage with each child as they discover the world around them. The Next Generation team focuses on providing a curriculum that meets the needs of each child in the classroom as they develop. Next Generation's team of teachers takes pride to meet the needs of each child as they investigate nature-based discovery each day.

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