Meet the Staff






Sara LeBlanc

Owner/Business Manager


Sara started planning Georgia's Next Generation in March of  2018. She graduated from Union Institute and University with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Psychology, and from Champlain College with and Associates of Science in Business. Her passion for working with children holds a valuable place in her heart, as shown through her previous roles in educating children starting at the young age of  infants all the way through high school. Sara has been working in Early Education for 19 years. Sara has a strong passion for Reggio inspired curriculum, and believes that the curiosity of a young mind is an inspiring and essential component of learning. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys camping, time with her family, and kayaking on the lake. 


Sarah Norton

Toddler Teacher

Georgia’s Next Generation is happy to announce that Sarah has joined our team as a lead Teacher in the Toddler Class. She has a B.S. in Early Childhood Special Education from UVM and has been an Early Educator for 13 years.  She has experience teaching children ages 6 weeks to 5 years and has worked as a float, assistant teacher and lead teacher.  Sarah has a passion for music, reading, and traveling and is excited to share those passions in her class. We look forward to seeing all that she can do in her class with the children, and what adventures around the world she will take them on in the classroom.







                                                               Tatianna LeBlanc                                                                                     Floater/Trainee




Tatianna has an advantage in the Early Childhood Field. She has grown up the last 16 and a half years in an Early Childhood Setting and has had the opportunity to work hands-on in her mother's Licensed and Accredited childcare facility as well as offer support in her various classrooms. Tatianna is enrolled in Burlington Technical Center's Human Services Program, where she is currently student teaching in their Lab Preschool. Recently Tatianna started taking college courses at CCV and has 9 credits in Early Childhood. Tatianna has always had a passion to be a teacher. She is known for her genuine heart and her compassion for those around her.  In April 2019 she was awarded second place in Early Childhood Education at the state competition for Skills USA.  We are so proud of her for this accomplishment and she is learning from the best at GNG!


             David LeBlanc 

      Director of Facilities




David worked for Chittenden South Supervisory Union for ten years as the Facilities Director of the schools and for the last year, he has been working with a local restaurant group as their Facilities Director for all of there restaurant locations. David is people oriented and loves working in the school setting. Children naturally gravitate to him whenever he walks in the room. He is always willing to help out. You may see him occasionally filling in. Outside of his work he enjoys camping, time with his family, and kayaking on the lake. 

                                                                           Gracie Woodward                                                                         Assistant Infant Teacher




We are so excited to announce Gracie as part of the GNG team!  Gracie will be primarily teaching in the Infant/Young Toddler Classroom and will help out in the other classes as needed!  She has been taking classes at UVM as a Biology student and recently has switched majors to Human Services and is eager to pursue the Early Childhood Education field.  As a native Vermonter, and Georgia resident she is excited to share her passion for the Green Mountain state with all of her new friends at GNG.  She brings with her a caring charismatic smile that is contagious each day and her desire to learn and discover new things with the children.  It is always an asset to have teachers who are enrolled in school so they can share with everyone the new developments in our field! We are so happy she is part of our team. 









Kate Driver

Director, GNG


As a native Vermonter, and someone who grew up in Georgia, Kate has been a part of the local community since her youth.  She has always been passionate about helping children, volunteering with groups such as EWins and Vermont Pediatric Hospital, and coaching various youth sports. She is a graduate of the University of Vermont,  where she worked with local schools teaching Nutrition and was a Nutrition Counselor for the staff at UVM.  Kate was also a Physical Education teacher at a private school in Chittenden County. While there, her role grew to include work with the Administration team, Teaching and supporting staff.  Kate brings with her the experience of working with and for children, as well as the professionalism required to maintain the administrative responsibilities. 


Recently Kate has been furthering her education to include Early Childhood Education classes and has become an active member of the Earthly Childhood Education community. Kate continues to be involved in the community, volunteering to help non-profits in her spare time, along with coaching others to be fit and healthy.  She is a welcome addition to the Georgia Next Generation, and we are excited to have her as the team leader, supporting the GNG team!












Leanne Lewber

Assistant  Toddler Teacher



Leanne is currently furthering her education to expand her knowledge of the Early Childhood Education field.  She has several years of experience as a dance instructor or all ages, and at an in-home child care center as an Assistant. Leanne has been working with children for over 8 years and thoroughly enjoys it. Her kindness, compassion, nurturing nature and willingness to learn more about the education of children are what make her an excellent addition to the GNG team.  We look forward to her continued positive energy each day at GNG.












                                                                             Marina Atherton

                                                             Assistant Preschool                                                                                  Teacher




Marina has several years of experience in child care and is excited to share her love of the outdoors with children in our Outdoor Classroom!  She has been working with young children as an Assistant Teacher for over 4 years, where she was called upon various times to help lead and assist with various classrooms.  We are very excited to have her on board to share her knowledge and leadership with the GNG team.


                                                                           Alanna Freeman                                                                          Infant Teacher



Georgia’s Next Generation is happy to announce that Alanna will be joining our team as a Teacher.  She is finishing up her Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology this fall (2018 at Johnson State College.  She has been working with children for over the past 5 years and has vast experience working in both centers and schools.  She specifically brings a knowledge and passion of music, play and creative arts that she is going to share with all children at the center. Alanna’s nurturing nature to always help other, and kind presence are key characteristics that make her a great asset to the GNG team.

                                                                           Monica Landry                                                                          Infant Teacher


Georgia’s Next Generation is happy to announce that Monica will be joining our team as a Teacher.  Monica was born and raised here in Vermont and is a resident of Georgia.  She has a passion for being outside throughout the year, hiking, snowboarding, and above all, exploring nature!  She is never afraid to get a bit dirty and get the most out of all of her adventures! Monica has an Associates Degree with a focus in Early Childhood Education with over ten years of experience in the field.  Working with children has always been her passion, and she cannot wait to begin her journey with all Georgia’s Next Generation community! 

                                                                           Heather Lamore                                                                         Assistant Teacher




Heather is currently pursuing her Early Education degree at Northern Vermont University- Johnson (formerly Johnson state college) to become an elementary education teacher.  She has worked in 3 different childcare centers, one of which being the Burlington Technical Center Preschool Program where she was directly taught by the owner Sara Leblanc. Heather's love for the education and development of children and her passion for the outdoors make her a fantastic addition to the GNG team.

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