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Welcome to the Northern Campus!

Next Generation Northern campus was opened in early January 2020 at 31 Swanton Road, in St. Albans.  The school is comprised of three classrooms (Infant-Toddler, Early Preschool, and Preschool).  On January 19th, the Northern Campus was awarded 4 STARS by the Vermont Child Development Division, only two weeks after opening. The Northern campus has a large playground area with two Outdoor Classrooms, a vast green space for picnics and family events, plus the Rail Trail is next to the school offering an opportunity for children to engage in various exploration walks. With so much nature around the campus, the children can investigate nature-based discovery each day.

"Our daughter loves the routine and has learned so much about playing outside as our family was not as used to that.  Her favorite is all the art they do as she always had impressive fine motor skills she has been able to expand on those skills. She has truly grown since being there (no more pacifier/potty trained)and now that she is 4- her smarts, creative mind, and confidence in who she is has left us with nothing but positivity to reflect upon the team she is with each day."

NG Parent

At Next Generation, we are a team. The staff is comprised of licensed and certified teachers that come from various backgrounds in the Early Childhood Education field. Next Generation teachers are enrolled in classes to further their education each semester to maintain their credentials and their Early Childhood Education. Next Generation strives to provide better than state recommended staffing ratios each day; thus, teachers are allowed to truly engage with each child as they discover the world around them. The Next Generation team focuses on providing curriculum that meets the needs of each child in the classroom as they develop. Next Generation's team of teachers takes pride to meet the needs of each child as they investigate nature-based discovery each day.

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