Founders of Next Generation



Head Fixer in Charge

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Master of Coin

Ma·ster of Coin (n.): The designer and builder of all Next Gen schools, the master in charge of not only budgeting and finances, but runs the maintenance department. Basically the person in charge of all the departments the rest of the Leadership team doesn’t actually want to be in charge of. Oh and, this man is known to students as “It’s Dave.”

Head Fixer in Charge (n.):  the boss lady in red. The visionary behind the pedagogy of Next Gen, the interior decorator for all campuses, the mastermind of all systems, the fixer of everything, the geek squad extraordinaire, the traveling quality assurer, and lastly, the head fairy dust sprinkler.



2.0 Fixer in Charge

2.0 Fix·er in Charge (n.): Essentially a carbon copy, mini me, twin Fairy Dust Sprinkler to Sara. This magical being is the Director of Bringing in Cool People and basically the VP of Happiness within Next Generation. Our 2.0 Fixer in charge has this innate ability to catch everything thrown in their direction, recruit and retain the Future-Creators (teachers) while bouncing from campus to campus to assist our team where needed.

Contact Brittany for any questions regarding career opportunities with Next Generation!



Chief Digital Overlord

Chief Dig·i·tal Over·lord (n): the most spectacular of human beings who not only oversees the operational functioning of Next Gen by keeping the executive members bustling with their tasks, but is also crushing the completion of multiple to-do lists of their own. This superhuman doesn't bat an eye or crack when it comes to difficult tasks, but instead they meet each endeavor with a smile on their face & cheer in their voice! Never fear- CDO is here! 

Contact Cam for any questions regarding Next Generation operations inquiries!

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Enrollment Sorceress

En·roll·ment Sor·cer·ess: (n.) A Next Gen Garage Crew member who possesses magical abilities when communicating with our prospective families in order to get students enrolled at the ideal campus based on their needs and interests, all while responding to a plethora of emails, talking on the phone, and completing numerous essential tasks. It has been said that this spellbound being is almost enchanting when clarifying enrollment and billing questions with families. 

Email for any questions regarding enrollment, Act 166 paperwork, or billing!

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