Georgia Campus


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Conveniently located off from Exit 18 at the corner of Route 7 and Ballard Road. Our Georgia campus is our flagship campus. The school is comprised of a home that was remodeled into the Infant-Toddler Classroom, and the commercial space was converted into two classrooms (Early Preschool and Preschool).  In October 2018, Georgia's Next Generation opened two classrooms (Infant-Toddler and Preschool), less than 30 days later, GNG was awarded a 3 STAR rating by the Vermont Child Development Division.  In April 2019, GNG was approved to expand and open the Early Preschool Classroom. In November 2019, GNG was awarded the highest STARS rating of 5 STARS! The GNG campus focuses on investigative nature-based discovery and the outdoor classroom. The easily accessible trails are an excellent way for the children to get out and discover each day.


Meet the Pedagogista~ Gracie 

Ped·a·go·gista : (n.) an educational adviser who works with the school, spending the majority of the time in the classroom with the teachers and children, and working also with parents. It is the pedagogist's role to help teachers improve their skills of observing and listening to the children, documenting projects, and supporting the program through a hands-on approach!

Gracie has been a long term dedicated team member here at GNG and started with Next Generation not long after opening. Gracie began her schooling at UVM as a Biology student and transferred to finish a degree in the Early Childhood Education field at Northern Vermont University.  As a native Vermonter, and Georgia resident she loves to teach and give back to her own community. She brings with her a caring charismatic smile that is contagious each day and her desire to learn and discover new things with the children. Gracie has 4 years of experience  teaching in early childhood and has earned the well deserved Director role.

"We absolutely love Next Generation! Every morning my child is greeted with a smile and staff who are genuinely excited to be working with him. They incorporate so many fun and creative activities into their daily routine that promotes my child's learning and development. I know that my child is well cared for and enjoys his time at school. The entire Next Generation Staff is dedicated to helping kids grow and go above and beyond in every way. "  -GNG Family

At Next Generation, we are a team. The staff is comprised of licensed and certified teachers that come from various backgrounds in the Early Childhood Education field. Next Generation teachers are enrolled in classes to further their education each semester to maintain their credentials and their Early Childhood Education. Next Generation strives to provide better than state recommended staffing ratios each day; thus, teachers are allowed to truly engage with each child as they discover the world around them. The Next Generation team focuses on providing a curriculum that meets the needs of each child in the classroom as they develop. Next Generation's team of teachers takes pride to meet the needs of each child as they investigate nature-based discovery each day.