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Act 166 Registration can be found by clicking here.

What is Act 166?

Act 166 is a publicly funded prekindergarten education program. It allows for 10 hours a week of paid preschool by your local school district.


What does it mean for parents?
If your child is three by September 1st of the start of the calendar school year they qualify.  The 10 hours a week is paid toward your tuition fee throughout the school year term of 35 weeks.  The amount is paid directly to Next Generation and your rates will be adjusted to reflect this.


How do I enroll?
Registration/Applications for ACT 166 Public Preschool/Pre-K Funding is open in the Spring and will be processed by all districts in order to secure your enrollment at Next Generation. Please submit your district application now. If your application is not processed in time upon the start of the school year you will be responsible for the full tuition amount until we hear from the district that they have a completed application.

You must fill out an application with the school district you reside in.  Schools should all have information about the funding on their website and an application to mail in or drop off.  When submitting the application you will be asked for a copy of your child’s birth certificate and proof of residency, a utility bill or something along the lines.

Once you apply you should hear back from the school within a week or so with confirmation and acceptance.

Below are some helpful resources and information on Act 166.


Vermont Agency of Education Website

Child Care Resource Website

Licensed Educators at Next Generation



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