What is your waitlist policy?


The NG waitlist is not a guarantee that you will have a spot when you are requesting to start, it allows everyone a fair opportunity to enroll based on when they come on the waitlist.  When space opens up we go to the waitlist and offer it to the next family at the top of the list, they have the choice to enroll, or pass (if they want a later start date) and then wait for the next opening after that, or enroll then and wait to bring their child on the desired start date (if wanting a start date in July and space is open in April - they would start paying in April for the space and the child would attend in July).  Currently, enrolled families are given priority if they need to enroll another child.  We do our very best to accommodate all families in the community. 

Do you provide any meals?

We will provide morning snack/breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. This allows the children to experience family-style dining by serving themselves and eating the same items as their peers. Families with children who have allergies or sensitivities are welcome to bring in their own food. 


What are your hours? 

We are open from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday. We are open year-round. Please see our calendar to view our closed days. We are also open one evening a month for date night. This is an optional service that you can sign up for. The sign-ups go out monthly.

Do you enroll part-time children? 

Yes, we have 2 and 3-day options for a different rate. If you are looking for something different please check in with the director to see if we can accommodate your needs.


Do you participate in the ACT 166 partnership?

YES! Both of our Campuses are an approved partner with Act 166.

How is Act 166 is applied:

School districts provide roughly $3,000 (varies year to year set forth by the state) per school year for preschool tuition for children who are 3 years old before September 1st of the school year.  Once families are approved (with their school districts of residence) the discount will be applied to their account from September 15th to April 30.  Families are responsible to pay the full price of child care beyond the school year.

Families must complete a registration packet for the district of residence and be approved by the district prior to receiving the discount.  Please contact your local school district to learn more out about the process.  Once a family is approved with the school district of their residence then they would reach out to our Director for further support for this process at NG.


How can I pay my bill?

NG accepts checks, money orders, and we will have the ability to do ACH weekly/Monthly billing. We have partnered with SmartCare so all billing will be completed through their system via ACH.

If my child has behavioral challenges will he/she be accommodated at NG?

NG will work with families to provide the best possible care. We will monitor your child's needs closely and come up with a plan as a team to meet your child's needs. If your child is continually struggling and the staff is unable to find a solution in which your child is successful we may need to meet and talk about other options. We will assist the family and child in every way we can as long as the safety of other children is not jeopardized.