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We build beautiful schools and have created all of the systems! We will mentor and get you started!

You could own and operate a Next Generation School!

  • Are you a passionate Early Educator who has always wanted to own and operate your own school?

  • Are you not sure how to make it happen?

  • Are you a natural lover of the outdoors and love to play?


If you answered YES to all of those things reach out to our team!  We can help navigate building you your own school that can have all of the benefits and systems of a Next Generation Nature Based School.

All Next Generation Natured Based Schools operate as a team. The staff are comprised of licensed and certified teachers who come from various backgrounds in the Early Childhood Education field. Next Generation teachers are enrolled in classes to further their education each semester to maintain their credentials and their Early Childhood Education. Next Generation strives to provide better than state-recommended staffing ratios each day; thus, teachers are allowed to truly engage with each child as they discover the world around them. The Next Generation team focuses on providing a curriculum that meets the needs of each child in the classroom as they develop. Next Generation's team of teachers takes pride in meeting the needs of each child as they investigate nature-based discovery each day. The teachers are mentored and trained in the Next Gen systems that make up our high-quality education programs. 



Sara LeBlanc- Founder of next Generation VT

Sara is the co-founder/owner of Next Generation (with her husband Dave as the other co-founder/owner). They have successfully opened and run six childcare programs over the last five years of operation. With all the changes in the industry since Covid changed the world, Dave & Sara decided to redirect their focus to creating more quality Next Generation Schools with the intention of turning them over to deserving highly qualified professionals in the childcare sector, who otherwise wouldn't normally get the opportunity due to the high cost of initial set-up and financing demand for banks.  The need for quality childcare has never been greater and this provides an option that opens doors to those who are most qualified and passionate about the children and guides them through the challenges that restrict most from starting their own centers.

They have always loved the process of the construction phase itself, physically building the centers, the process of getting a new center licensed, and creating the systems that have made Next Generation centers run smoothly and effectively. 


They have created true turn key operations for the owners/operators to take over.  Sara and Dave have done all the legwork to create the new businesses, apply for licenses, and get all the materials and programs together. They will be operating under new names, but listed as a Next Generation Schools. For example, "School Name",  a Next Generation school. This set up allows them to do what they do best, which is to guide the children towards their growth and development in as natural an environment as possible while maintaining strong communications with families.  Continued ongoing mentoring in all facets of the operation are provided to the operators as they grow to be strong business leaders and operators.









The demand for quality childcare is greater than ever. The plan is to repeat this process for future operators.  Essentially we build the schools, have all of the templates and essentials built, and have everything needed for licensing and opening a new center. In addition, we would work on the hiring and training for the new schools before we fully hand them off to a new owner of a fully functioning school.


With 20 years of experience in this industry, working in childcare licensing as a licensing supervisor, to mentoring and running her own schools, Sara really understands how to set up successful programs that then can easily be managed by anyone using the systems. Our new model is built around the idea of ongoing mentoring and networking meetings for the Next Generation schools, so everyone can stay connected, and have access to support and resources which is typically missing in the early education industry.

 The new model we are working with can help you avoid starting from scratch and rewriting everything you need to open a program. We would love to help you! Reach out if interested!

What Families Say

"Next Generation Schools have been a positive place for our children. they look forward to seeing their teachers and friends everyday. It is a second family"
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