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Welcome to Next Generation, a place for children to grow, learn, and play. Your children deserve nothing but the best, so bring them here for an inviting environment that encourages curiosity and fun.  Children are our future, with only one chance for a strong start. Here they will grow, learn, and play in a natural inviting environment that encourages constant curiosity, challenge and discovery.

Early Educators

All Next Generation Natured Based Schools operate as a team. The staff are comprised of licensed and certified teachers who come from various backgrounds in the Early Childhood Education field. Next Generation teachers are enrolled in classes to further their education each semester to maintain their credentials and their Early Childhood Education. Next Generation strives to provide better than state-recommended staffing ratios each day; thus, teachers are allowed to truly engage with each child as they discover the world around them. The Next Generation team focuses on providing a curriculum that meets the needs of each child in the classroom as they develop. Next Generation's team of teachers takes pride in meeting the needs of each child as they investigate nature-based discovery each day. The teachers are mentored and trained in the Next Gen systems that make up our high-quality education programs. 



A passionate advocate for quality early education for children, families, and teachers alike.

Founders of Next Generation, VT

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Just a Dude who works really hard for our Children, Families & Early Educators.

Early Education IS a Profession.
Quality Childcare IS Possible.
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Behind the Scenes!

Tatianna and Sara

Head of Schools

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