We are all about the outdoors! Our campuses have large          Gazebos that we utilize as our outdoor classrooms. We believe that our outdoor classrooms help bring learning to life. The weather in Vermont can be challenging sometimes for outdoor classrooms. The Gazebos make it so we can be out rain or shine! 


Our outdoor classroom is a space that brings our learning outside. Our outdoor classroom/play yard is a gathering place for teachers and students and provides an opportunity to integrate nature into our every day.  Leading children in nature to discover through their natural curiosity is essential in our teaching model.

We have included an excerpt from the outside classroom project so you can better understand the benefits of the outdoor classroom.

Benefits of the Outdoor Classroom

THE OUTDOOR CLASSROOM PROJECT (2015). Benefits of the Outdoor Classroom. Retrieved from


  • Stronger language, problem-solving, and communication skills through projects and group activity

  • Developing an interest in science and math through connecting with nature

  • Fostering learning through self-initiation, control, and personal responsibility


  • An increase in physical development, capability, and activity

  • Setting up patterns for an active, healthy lifestyle

  • Fewer children suffering from diseases such as obesity, Diabetes, and ADD/ADHD


  • Familiarity with and appreciation of nature

  • Wide, expansive view of how the world works

  • Building stewardship skills for the environment


  • Happier

  • Higher, more positive self-esteem

  • Effective relationship building in a cooperative, non-competitive environment

  • Building a healthy and balanced internal psychology from time spent alone

  • Manifesting classroom harmony

  • Social-emotional mastery

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