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Next Generation has 4 classrooms,  Little Scouts, Navigators, Voyagers, and Explorers

The Little Scouts are little, but full of promise and enthusiasm as they grow. Before we can fully let them adventure into the world, they need to learn how to Navigate it. We support students in gaining the necessary skills to navigate through everyday life. Once they’ve mastered navigation, they can start to Voyage. This is where our students begin developing a deeper understanding of the world. As they continue on their voyage through the world, they become official Explorers. From Little Scouts to Navigators, then to Voyagers, and finally to Explorers, they have developed the skills necessary to interact and manipulate the natural world around them. They have established a foundation and eagerness for learning and exploration during their time at Next Generation. They will be ready to step outside of Next Generation and blossom to their full potential!

The beginning of wonderful Early Childhood starts in our LITTLE SCOUTS room.

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Our infants are cared for by friendly, enthusiastic, and responsive teachers in a calm, soothing, happy and natural environment. Their daily needs are addressed with smiles and frequent eye contact. Loving interaction between baby and teachers is given during diaper changes, feedings, rest time, and playtime.


Our Teachers make sure to engage with your baby by talking about what they are seeing and experiencing thus encouraging their vocabulary development. Songs are frequently sung, stories are read and soothing music is played during naps. There is plenty of snuggle time and babies are given plenty of individualized attention.

Families are kept up to date with a daily sheet that reports feeding times/amounts, diaper changes, nap times, and activities that occurred each day. The staff is responsive to each parent’s concerns and suggestions and baby’s achievements are joyfully shared.

Our room resembles a relaxing home atmosphere with cribs, age-appropriate toys, bouncers, high chairs and a comfy rocking chair. Each child has their own cubby for personal items. There is adequate space for the staff to sit on the floor with baby during play. Your child’s happiness and comfort is our first priority as we provide you with a safe and secure Early Education program.

Navigators and Voyagers 

Our nurturing environment provides a structure that allows the students to grow and learn while feeling safe and comfortable. Students are given daily opportunities to explore and learn through age-appropriate open-ended materials and projects. Children in the Navigators and Voyagers classrooms are encouraged to try to use their words to express their needs and wants. The activities in these Classrooms are developed to create learning experiences and social experiences through play, projects, and activities. Self-help skills such as eating skills, potty training, hand washing, and independently cleaning up are among the skills taught in this room.


Preparing young minds for kindergarten is a primary goal of the teachers as they encourage verbal skills, teach self-help skills and promote self-assurance. 

What makes preschool fun? What makes a child want to learn?  Our safe and enriching program focuses on all aspects of creative learning. Hands-on activities encompass exciting monthly themes which include nutrition, cooking, holidays, Vermont history, and safety, to name just a few.

A child’s feeling of independence and social interaction with others is what our preschool classroom is all about. Our classroom revolves around children learning to help themselves and getting along with others. 

During the course of the day, children are encouraged to make choices for themselves, cooperate with others as well as listen and follow directions. Our teachers lead the children in small and large group activities, such as movement, read-a-loud stories, circle time, and art activities. The children are encouraged to make friends, share, and communicate with their classmates. The children are also prompted to use the bathroom on their own, although assistance is given if necessary.

We work on handwriting skills, colors, shapes, and numbers daily through our play experiences. We offer a variety of learning centers that offer items to help stimulate young imaginative minds. The children’s art is proudly displayed around the room. Their individuality is appreciated and their achievements are applauded.

Process Art in Nature-Childcare in VT
Singing Tree in Nature-Childcare in VT
Gross Motor in Nature-Childcare in VT
Building Relationships in Nature-Childcare in VT
Play Based Childcare in VT

In all classrooms, a digital daily record of diaper changes, food, how long they napped, and the daily curriculum is recorded through Brightwheel for families to see what their child is doing throughout their day in real-time. 

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