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      Act 166 Approved!!!!

Learning In The Wild,

A Next Generation Nature-Based School

31 Swanton Rd

St. Albans VT 05478

(802) 689-8841

Learning in the Wild was opened in early January 2020 as the second  Next Generation Northern Campus. The school is comprised of three classrooms (Infant-Toddler, Early Preschool, and Preschool). We are a 4 STARS program that is awarded by the Vermont Child Development Division. Our school has a large playground area with two outdoor classrooms, a vast green space for picnics and family events, plus the Rail Trail is next to the school offering an opportunity for children to engage in various exploration walks. With so much nature around the campus, the children can investigate nature-based discovery each day.

Sara and Tatianna 

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Sara has been an Early Educator for the last 25 years and has her Degree in Business as well as Human Development and Psychology. Most recently she is finishing up Peer Review to receive her Early Educator Teacher License. Sara started the Next Generation schools alongside her husband with a passion for showing how childcare can be a career and enjoyable. Her goal was to break the mold and show a new way to offer quality childcare and quality employment opportunities.


Tatianna has a Bachelor's Degree from Northern Vermont University and a license in Early Childhood Education. She is a passionate educator who has grown up her whole life in Early Education. Tatianna has worked for the Next Generation schools for the past 5 years and was the Quality and Mentoring Pedagogista for all of the schools and now continues her passion under Learning In The Wild and Georgia's Next Generation.

Sara and Tatianna manage Georgia's Next Generation and Learning In The Wild, a Next Generation School. They also continue to mentor the other Next Generation locations that have different owner-operators.  

Tatianna has worked with Sara in managing the Next Generation schools since they opened, now well into our 5th year. In 2024 The Next Generation Nature Based schools changed a little to become more intimate programming with owner-operators managing on-site regulary vs. spread out amongst all of the locations.

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Hours of Operation: 7:30-4:30


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Part-time: (3) Full Days - Mon, Wed, Fri 

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